Thursday, 19 February 2009


My three months of living in the posh part of town with a mad old woman came to an end yesterday, and I took all my stuff over to my new home in Almagro. It's not Palermo, but it's a decent enough neighbourhood. Palermo's full of rich folk and tourists. My new area's a bit more "regular". I live on a small road called Lezica, right next to the railway track, which is fun, because at the moment my bedroom has a window that opens onto the tracks. I had fun sleeping last night... Mainly due to the heat: my new room doesn't have air conditioning. But it's got a fan and a window, and that's probably better for the environment and my health. The trains didn't bother me: as I'd imagined, the odd train passing by is far more preferable to having an old woman banging around consistently between the hours of 5 and 7, and then the constant ringing of a telephone when she's gone...

So, here's one of the selling points of my new pad - the roof:

Roof terrace in Lezica

It's damn hot up there. The only down side is that there are no bloody chairs! My task for the moment is to perhaps buy myself a chair for up there, so I can sit and enjoy the sunshine. We've got a grill, so there are regular barbecues in this place. It's a cool environment. I mean, it's not really much of a surprise that it's a cool environment, when you see what the landlord uses his roof garden for:

Funky plants in Lezica

Boom! This is temptation at its finest. No sooner do I lose interest in smoking, then I move in with a guy who's doing exactly what I always said I wanted to do... He's a vegetarian too, as it goes. An artist and a raving queer. Quite a character. I far prefer him to my previous landlady. He's a lot more trusting, fun, welcoming, and on my level (i.e. off his rocker and among the clouds). We have two cats here too, Annan and Kung Fu. They're alright, but a bit annoying, because I have to keep my bedroom door shut. There's no way I want them snooping around my room, lounging in my bed, licking my toothbrush, scratching my MacBook, "playing" with my dolls...

AnnanKung Fu

And that's all I can say about my new home for the time being: it's much nicer than the last place. I sat on the sofa last night with my MacBook while my housemate watched The Office. This was after spending the evening on the roof eating pizza and drinking beer. Suddenly, it feels like I'm on holiday... But, anyway, I've got a lot more space to sit around doing work here too. And lots of nice things to look at :-)

Big Maria


Garden George said...

Stay away from the plants! Guardian did a spread the other day on the dangers........too many personalities can come out. We can manage a few of you but not too many!!

Pete said...

Yep. Did you see the article in The Observer as well?

"The growing obesity epidemic in industrialised countries will be highlighted this week as a leading cause of cancer in a policy report led by Sir Michael Marmot, professor of epidemiology and public health at University College London."

At the end of the day, everyone just pays attention to the news they want to hear...