Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bathrooms in Buenos Aires

The first thing I did upon arriving at my hostel in Buenos Aires was take a shower. And that was when I first came across the interesting approach they have to showers over here... The bathroom was one big wet room. In the bathroom I was using in the hostel, there was actually a shower curtain, but I'm not sure that it served much purpose, as the rest of the bathroom got soaked when the shower was used anyway. There were no ledges in that bathroom to place my things, but the toilet was right next to the shower, so I was able to leave my things there. This was the larger of the two bathrooms. The other one was pretty much a closet - there was a toilet, and a sink... and a shower head. Having a shower in that room would have been very difficult indeed. The only way might have been to stand on the toilet. Or just shower while sitting...

The setup in the bathroom in my flat is somewhere in between these two scenarios. It's difficult to find an angle that captures the bathroom in its entirety, but here's a picture to give you an idea:


I was talking to my flatmate about the setup, and he agreed that it was pretty cool, in a way... I said: "Hey, you can take a shower while sitting on the John! That's gotta be handy if you're ever in a rush in the morning, or really hungover..." Doug said: "Well, yeah, I was really tired this morning, actually, so I gave it a try! All I need to do is add in shaving as well, and I'll be doing all three things at once!" 

There you go: dreams can come true in this city. 

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