Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Home sweet home

I moved in to my new flat yesterday. I have everything I need here. Last night was the first night I've spent in Buenos Aires where I haven't been disturbed by noise at some point of the night or morning. I woke up of my own accord today. Earplugs weren't needed. I like my new room at the moment :-)

The woman we're renting from is a therapeutic masseuse, who boasts of being able to cure all sorts of mental disorders. I should've lived with someone like that a few years ago... Anyway, there are strict rules to follow in this flat, such as:

- No alcohol in the flat. And no coming home drunk, either.
- No drugs. If there is the slightest evidence of drug use, you will lose your deposit, be expelled from the premises, and your parents and tutors will be notified!
- No guests. In particular, no overnight guests.

Then there are some rules which are potentially more bizarre:

- Keep toilet paper in your room, and not in the bathroom. (This rule will be interpreted by me as: only keep one roll of toilet paper in the bathroom).
- You are only allowed to cook between 8 and 9 am; 1 and 3pm; and 8pm and midnight. (the landlady explained that this is because she doesn't want the smell of cooking to disturb her clients).

Actually, the rules seem to be a generic set of rules directed at much younger people. My flatmate Doug is the same age as me, and we had a laugh at the prospect of someone "informing our parents" of any misbehaviour.

Anyway, Doug seems pretty cool. I mean: really cool. He's from Seattle, and he has that incredibly relaxed personality that you tend to find in people from over there. He said to me: "This town's a bit busy and noisy compared to Seattle." I was like: "This town is quite noisy, but you wanna go to the south of Italy sometime!" I'm fully on the coffee and sunshine tip at the moment, and talking twice as excitedly as normal, so who knows what he thinks of me?!

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