Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Rent-friendly Blogging

I have two hours before my journey actually starts. It's starting with a taxi, and it's ending with a taxi. In-between,  I've got two horrific flights to look forward to. London to Toronto, and then Toronto to Buenos Aires (via Santiago in Chile). I don't think I'll ever have spent so long getting somewhere, and I'm not looking forward to it. I have a bottle of Breath Of Fresh Air to try and stop me from feeling totally minging on the trip but, really, I doubt it'll be enough. 

I'm not taking any physical books with me, other than two books for writing in. Books have always weighed me down in the past. I have a couple of e-books on my laptop which I intend to consult frequently. I'm going to entertain myself on the plane by playing on my DS. Also for the first time, I won't be taking any musical media with me. Everything I need is on my two iPods and my laptop. Modern technology is grand sometimes.

This is a three month excursion into the familiar but unknown. I know about Buenos Aires through the literature I've read and studied and loved, but all of that literature tended to have a metaphysical bent to it. Street names look familiar, and I can pick out places on the map that have been mentioned again and again in stories I've read. But I have no idea what these places look like. Macedonio and Borges didn't waste too much time trying to describe the physical side to their environments, but instead spent time exploring the abstract worlds that existed inside their heads

Nevertheless, this is rent-friendly blogging, so I'm going to force myself to try and write in straight lines and describe what is "really" there. If all else fails, I can rely on photos to give you all something to grab hold of. And if you find yourself as bored as I imagine I will be as I treat you all to a slide-show, there are always the more messy blogs. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then just ask.

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