Tuesday, 9 December 2008


There was a holiday over here yesterday, in celebration of the Immaculate Conception. Hey, that's one way to get people to believe that the book of fantasy that is the Bible is actually speaking the truth...

I might as well write something here to entertain anyone who's been checking in over the past week, desperately searching for something boring to make their own life that little bit less boring. I've been busy writing other things, mainly of a personal nature (to other people. No, not insults to other people, but emails). I might as well say something here of a public nature, even though there are other public places out there were far more interesting word doodles of mine can be found.

I'm getting through a set of essays on the work of Macedonio Fernández. I could say more, but it's not like it would mean anything to anyone, so I won't. I'm also getting through a book on programming techniques. I'm cooking more frequently than I have done in the past year, which is good, and strange, since over here I have the most useless array of kitchen tools, and I can't even store most of my food in the kitchen. But I have free time.

I also have a bite on my elbow. Last week I had a bruise in the same place. I'm wondering why the elbow's getting all the attention.

Vivid dreams continue. It must be the relative lack of human contact I'm getting, or something. Last night I was on the train to work (what work?!), and Graham Coxon was sitting behind me. I was wearing Blur shoes. Do such things exist? I was wearing Blur shoes: they had a Blur logo on them (it looked like a Nike logo, to be honest). The one on my right foot was inside-out. I was also wearing my jeans on the inside-out. All this, because I was thinking back to my teaching days yesterday, and imagining what I'd have to do to teach them "inside-out". 

Anyway, the dreams I'm having all take place in England, and in the future, because when I talk to people, my time in Argentina is spoken about in the past. I've been here over a month now, which means I only have about 10 weeks left. That's not long. I'm annoyed by that. Can somebody stop time for me?

I have a stack of postcards, half of them have words on them, my mission for this morning is to post the ones with words on them. I'll do that while I'm on my way to the cafe for breakfast. In the meantime, this will be published in England at lunchtime. Okay, so I'm having a late breakfast....

More to follow when I can distract myself from personal emails again.

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