Saturday, 20 December 2008


In a small town like this, people notice what's going on... After eating dinner last night, Doug and I made our way towards the town in the hope that we'd find something to do. This town is tiny, and there's not much other than an amusement arcade, but we hoped to maybe find something that we hadn't come across the previous night. Anyway, we left our residence, and as we got to the hotel next door, and old woman stopped us in the street, asking: "Where are you from?!" Doug explained that he was from the States and I was from England. He reckons that she asked the question in Spanish, but I can't be sure any more (there are two languages for me these days: the ones I don't understand and can't place, and the few I understand without bothering about what language is actually being spoken...). Whatever, even if she had asked the initial question in Spanish, there was no doubt that the dear old lady then proceeded to talk away to us in Italian!

Doug looked utterly bemused, as he didn't understand what she was suddenly going on about. I had a nice chat with the old girl: she's been over here since 1952 and she loves it. It was a typical conversation with an aged person, covering all topics in a flash. She told me that I absolutely have to go to see the Iguazu falls (that's where I was planning to be today originally...), that Italy was worse off under the Euro and that she's far happier to be here than there, that she gets loads of Swiss tourists coming to stay here, that the Capital Federal is too hot in February and most of the city comes to Pinamar... She was 82 years old, but she was full of beans. She said that she'd heard me and Doug walking by, and she knew that we were English (she was almost right). Anyway, it made my evening. How bizarre to be walking down the street and suddenly have an old lady start talking away to you in Italian... Like Doug pointed out: if she knew that we were English, then what on earth made her think that she could get away with jabbering away to us in Italian?!?!

Anyway, Doug got up to go back to the Capital early this morning, and I'm currently praying that the clouds are going to go away so I can get some sun. The forecast says that today should be sunny. Sunday and Monday aren't supposed to be quite so nice. Unfortunately, I discovered that after booking myself in until Tuesday... I went for a walk along the beach when I got up, and it was grey. On my way back, there was a tremendous wind blowing in my face. But I can see blue skies now, so hopefully the strong winds have only come to blow the clouds away, and they'll disappear once it's hot enough to lie on the beach. Fingers crossed.

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