Saturday, 13 December 2008

This Saturday

The pressure's mounting on me to leave the city. Get real: the Pound's devaluing faster than Brown can say "shit", people are losing their jobs in Britain faster than they can say "bollocks", and the range of adjectives at my disposal to describe the country I left no longer includes many more words than the ones just mentioned, even though I'll never be able to say anything quickly: just look at the length of this opening sentence if you need proof of that... Anyway, I'm now casually looking for work, and for a way to stay here longer than originally planned (hey, well, the original original plan was to stay for a year, so that's not strictly true). When I say "casually", I mean "not really, but sort of". You don't need a work permit to work in this country. A US bank account would help, though.

Anyway, I'm waiting for my camera battery to charge. I left the flat early this morning, with the intention of taking photos of non-tourist attractions. Fortunately, I tried turning the camera on as I was going down in the lift and discovered it wasn't working. I got to have an extra ride in the lift. I raced my flatmate the other day, and we discovered that both lifts in the building actually go at the same speed. This disappointed us slightly. Anyway, I was talking about the camera. Yeah, the camera battery's on the recharge. I'll snap some photos of homeless people, dog shit, dirt, bin-searchers, and girls rollerblading in bikini tops and hotpants, later.

That's all you're getting from me today. What else do you want? I had scrambled eggs for breakfast and I'm going to go a few days without coffee to see how I feel. I'm spending all my money on stamps for postcards at the moment. A stamp for Europe costs the same as a cortado (that's an espresso with milk, or a macchiato, as I once knew it). Oh, I had a very chocolatey drink yesterday. I didn't take a picture, so I'll have to have another one soon... End of blog.

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